About me

Hi! I'm Anush

Hello there! My name is Anushka Udayanga. I am a SMB/SME focused solutions consultant (freelance) based in Sri Lanka. My specialties are in IT , MIS and Digital marketing, but I’ve also consulted on other relevant domains such as e-commerce, System administration, System design and project management for delivering an ultimate solution.

I help businesses and companies’ by carefully observing their existing setup and advice on feasible yet affordable improvements or redesigns to achieve business goals. I believe in win-win situations and while having a solution mind-set, often makes it possible to present such situations by providing the best possible solution addressing the root causes rather than patching up the surface problems.


My professional career started as a system administrator in a reputed consultancy firm in Sri Lanka, with responsible for managing and maintaining internal IT systems and networks. This work was very interesting and rewarding, as I had the freedom to experiment and be innovative. I was able to upgrade the firm’s IT infrastructure, develop its systems, by addressing the drawbacks and bottlenecks, which in turn, got me immediate career advancements.

While I was following my degree in management information systems something really interesting came my way. The company I was working for decided to diversify into a new area, IT BPO. I was asked to join this new initiative as the IT Manager. Over the years, I had the opportunity of working with clients from different industries providing solutions, capturing requirements, streamlining business processes and managing teams.

This allowed me to develop multitude of skills such as identifying issues and providing feasible solutions, developing win-win situations that identified and mitigated risks thus implementing the necessary process changes and not to mention the experiences in IT management, System analysis and design, Project management and Digital marketing which made me who am I today. I’ve recently (2018) completed my MBA in Management of Technology (Moratuwa university), further strengthening management skills as well as my expert areas.


I have a lifelong passion for Photography, having taken several courses, and add to the photography section as often as I can. I have exhibited my work publicly and was awarded a Certificate of Merit for photography titled “Sobadahama”(Nature) at the “Soba ru” photography exhibition, Sri Lanka in 2011